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From Here to ThereInventions That Changed the Way the World MovesKirkfield, VivianBookJUVENILE 629.046 KIRKFIELD 2021
Sharks Can't Smile!And Other Amazing FactsDennis, ElizabethBookJUVENILE 597.3 DENNIS 2020
OceansMills, AndreaBookJUVENILE 551.46 MILLS 2020
DinosaursRiveting Reads for Curious KidsDixon, DougalBookJUVENILE 567.9 DIXON 2020
I Heard A SoundWard, David J.BookJUVENILE 534 WARD 2020
She Caught the LightWilliamina Stevens Fleming : AstronomerLasky, KathrynBookJUVENILE BIOGRAPHY FLEMING
The Fish Who Found the SeaWatts, AlanBookJUVENILE 191 WATTS 2020
Dung for DinnerA Stomach-churning Look at the Animal Poop, Pee, Vomit, and Secretions That People Have Eaten (and Often Still Do!)Virnig, ChristineBookJUVENILE 394.1209 VIRNING 2020
Who Was Ida B. Wells?Fabiny, SarahBookJUVENILE BIOGRAPHY WELLS
Let's Clean Up!Unpacking the Science of Messy Rooms With Statistical PhysicsFerrie, ChrisBookJUVENILE 530.1595 FERRIE 2020
Just Being DalíThe Story of Artist Salvador DalíGuglielmo, AmyBookJUVENILE BIOGRAPHY DALI
Who Is Kamala Harris?Anderson, KirstenBookJUVENILE BIOGRAPHY HARRIS
Sprouting WingsThe True Story of James Herman Banning, the First African American Pilot to Fly Across the United StatesJaggar, LouisaBookJUVENILE BIOGRAPHY BANNING
Unbeatable BettyThe First Female Olympic Track & Field Gold MedalistKimmel, Allison CrotzerBookJUVENILE BIOGRAPHY ROBINSON
Let's Race!Sprinting Into the Science of Light Speed With Special RelativityFerrie, ChrisBookJUVENILE 530.11 FERRIE 2020
Let's Power Up!Charging Into the Science of Electric Currents With Electrical EngineeringFerrie, ChrisBookJUVENILE 537 FERRIE 2020
The Ultimate Unofficial Encyclopedia for MinecraftersEarth : An A-Z Guide to Unlocking Incredible Adventures, Buildplates, Mobs, Resources, and Mobile Gaming FunMiller, MeganBookJUVENILE 794.8 MILLER 2021
How to Change EverythingThe Young Human's Guide to Protecting the Planet and Each OtherKlein, NaomiBookJUVENILE 363.73874 KLEIN 2021
Peaceful Like A Panda30 Mindful Moments for Playtime, Mealtime, Bedtime-or Anytime!Willey, KiraBookJUVENILE 158.12083 WILLEY 2020
YellowPeterson, Anna C.BookJUVENILE 535.6 PETERSON 2020
Let's Fly A Plane!Launching Into the Science of Flight With Aerospace EngineeringFerrie, ChrisBookJUVENILE 629.1323 FERRIE 2020
The Invention Hunters Discover How Sound WorksBriggs, KorwinBookJUVENILE 534 BRIGGS 2020
Let's Time Travel : Zooming Into the Science of Space-time With General RelativityFerrie, ChrisBookJUVENILE 530.11 FERRIE 2020
Let's Get Moving!Speeding Into the Science of Motion With Newtonian PhysicsFerrie, ChrisBookJUVENILE 531.11 FERRIE 2020
Let's Ride A Wave!Diving Into the Science of Light and Sound Waves With PhysicsFerrie, ChrisBookJUVENILE 530.124 FERRIE 2020
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