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tjdickey made a comment Jun 19 2019
"A great set of pithy, pointed parables about modern society and technology. The first entry (also the best IMHO) draws a parallel between big technology companies that lock in consumers to their own products, and the experience of new immigrants t..." Permalink
tjdickey rated a title Jun 19 2019
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tjdickey created a list Jun 14 2019
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Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness

"June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness month! Take a moment to check out some of the best recent books to help you understand the risks of cognitive decline and dementia, and how positively to protect and nurture your brain for life."
tjdickey made a comment Jun 14 2019
"David Mitchell is at the height of his craft, writing a sensitive narrative of being 13 - "a wonderful, miserable age. Not a boy, not a teenager. Impatience but timidity too. Emotional incontinence." The narrator evokes the feel and tast..." Permalink
tjdickey rated a title Jun 14 2019
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