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Lucas__67 made a comment Aug 17 2020
"This talks about August Pullman, a child who wants to be normal but isn't to the normal human eye as he has a very special type of facial deformation which has affected him and his family. But in his family's eyes, he's the most extraordinary kid ..." Permalink
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Aug 17 2020
"The main character of 'Wonder' is a boy who was born with facial disfigurement, his name is August Pullman. He has to learn how to survive at his new middle school, and cope with the outside world. His friends are Charlotte, Jack and Summer. Augus..." Permalink
Lucas__67 created a list Aug 17 2020
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"The Best DK Books On MPL. They're Amazing :)"
Lucas__67 rated a title Aug 03 2020
Lucas__67 made a comment Aug 03 2020
"Pretty Much Just Amazing! It is very fun to read (as it took 1 week). It shows the risk of America not being here and how George Washington was so important to the founding of America. Pleasure to read!" Permalink
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