This movie has been unfairly lambasted. It's a great deal of fun, full of competent women who are good at their jobs and use the tendency of men to not see women as a threat to their advantage. Kristen Stewart is adorably awkward and funny and I'd love to see her in more roles like this, rather than attempting to play it serious. The fight scenes were action-packed, ranging from car chases and fire fights to fist fights and tranquilizer tabs. What I enjoyed most is that this movie was NOT male gazey. If the women wore a skimpy outfit, the focus was always on what they were doing, not on their cleavage or butts. There was no risk of sexual assault or rape, no gratuitous violence inflicted upon them.

So what if there's not much surprise in the plot? We don't lambast men for making action movies where some taciturn, muscle-bound bundle of ManPain walks around blowing stuff up to compensate for his suffering. Why do we have a problem with this great team of women - each smart and accomplished in her own way - doing what they do, doing it well, with a sense of humor and loving it? I would dearly love to see more movies like this.

"Charlie’s Angels" is really fun, total eye candy, and really a good time. Don't listen to the critics. Watch it and judge for yourself.

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