Four stars, a high rating for a movie that straddles sci-fi and terror. Not: not "horror," (and that's a very important distinction.). Two reasons for the rating:

First-rate scripting, updating in a marvellous way, HG Well's classic story, offering much more dimension and opportunities for human drama. It's a long long way from the "gee whiz, the guy's invisible" of the novel and Universal's classic 1933 movie version.

Certainly the best movie role of Elisabeth Moss's career so far, and she makes the most of it. Extremely believable (and in the movie, NOBODY believes her!)

The story of this movie's release is interesting: been booted around since 2006 or so. Finally got it together under Australian writer/director/producer Leigh Whannell (If you loved the horror flick "Saw", thank Whannell--it was one he wrote.) The movie was released into theatres about a month before Covid ended movie going. Just four weeks--the $7 million production had earned $140 million plus.

So, yes. There will be a sequel. And Whannell's got it covered, and Moss likely will be back...

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