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Bells ring, confetti pops & the audience applaud! This may be the best book that I've read.
Now, through such books as The Book of Longings & Circe, I'm coming to the realization that Historical Fiction is fast becoming my jam. I consider myself, for the majority - uneducated & untraveled. So, it makes sense right, that these books give me something more than a pleasant conversation with a stranger at a bus stop? But this guy....this, Towles Amor guy.....He powers up a film projector in my mind. Amor creates such vivid imagery to immerse oneself in. The (real) world he opens the door to is an escapism, a switch that waits to be flicked, let the film roll.
All this is inter weaved into a truly beautifully historic tale of adventure, friendship & bravery. Self reflection is what is waiting for you as the pages close. To take inventory of ones own choices, with the possibility of literature being a real enhancement.
This will be purchased and be available with the other arts that are in arms reach that help shape my thoughts and clear the mind.
Congratulations Mr Amor, I can only begin to imagine what it took to write this milestone....a trip to Manhattan is on my list. 5/5 - A Classic!

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