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This is an all time favorite in our household!!! We are those annoying people who quote every line from this film. A true love letter to the original Star Trek series, plenty of Trek lore made it's way into this film. Plus a top-notch cast, Sigourney Weaver playing against her Ripley type, Alan Rickman speaking Spock's heart ("I see you managed to get your shirt off again!") Pre-Monk Tony Shaloub playing with Scotty's role. Tim Allen does a great job at channeling William Shatner and of course you cannot forget Sam Rockwell as Guy ("what's my last name?!?!") who never puts in a bad performance. If you love Sci-Fi you will love this film.

Side note: I am very happy you young people are watching this classic film; now go back and watch all things Trek to complete your education!! :)

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