Apostle, Or, Bones That Shine Like Fire
Apostle, Or, Bones That Shine Like Fire Travels Among the Tombs of the Twelve By Bissell, Tom, 1974- Book - 2016

Once, on the Georgia Strait, just south of Desolation Sound, I saw an eagle tackle a huge salmon. The bird, talons in the fish’s back, flapped in frenzy, trying to fly off with its prize. After about five minutes the bird went under, never to reappear. The eagle ‘bit off more than it could chew’.
By the end of the first chapter of Apostle I was convinced that Tom Bisssell did the same thing. In my opinion, the topic he chose is well beyond his depth. His understanding of Christianity is narrow and badly skewed; so much so that reading further, for me at least, would, I know, prove to be a colossal waste of time. A chat with a half-competent Bible believer would clear up what, for the author, are conundrums.
Like Mr. Bissell, I ‘grew up Catholic’. I too was an ‘enthusiastic altar boy’. He came to the conclusion that the Bible is bunk, ‘stopped attending mass’ and ‘abandoned Christian belief altogether’ while I concluded that the Bible is the very word of God, abandoned the Catholic Church and embraced Biblical Christianity. He decided to follow the 'cleverly devised fables' of academia. I decided to follow Jesus. Enough said!

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