Data, A Love Story
Data, A Love Story How I Gamed Online Dating to Meet My Match By Webb, Amy, 1974- Book - 2013

This was incredibly fast read. I wouldn't say it actually gave great advice. I had a couple of complaints about this book. 1) Even though the book was only published in 2013, it's out of date. The author met her husband in 2005. It's 10 years later. Things have drastically changed in the online world. 2) She and her husband are both Gen Xers. Her expectations at age 30 are not what is out there today. Dating in your 30s today isn't easy and it's not for the faint of heart. 3) She was seriously unethical in her approach to revamping her profile. It's one thing to look at another woman's profile, it's another to do what she did. Besides, any moron could see that her profile was problematic. 4) She makes the reader think that her system is foolproof. She got lucky and met her husband almost right out of the gate. That's not reality, that's just dumb luck. Plus, they were both on JDate. That alone narrows the playing field considerably.

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