Will to Live
Will to Live Dispatches From the Edge of Survival By Stroud, Les Book - 2011

Mediocre, to say the least. Stroud seems to think he's the most renowned expert on the art of survival in extreme circumstances, whereas what he actually comes across is a self absorbed blowhard. Through this book, he spends his time second guessing in a variety of stories about survival, pretty much insulting the people involved along the way and proclaiming how he would have done things entirely differently. He comes across in his documentaries as grating on the nerves, full of himself, and the sort of obnoxious boor you want nothing more than to get away from. This is not improved in his writing, which is amateur at best, and captures his toxic and grating personality pretty much the way you'd expect it. Read this only if you think water torture isn't enough of a punishment for you, and want something even more annoying.

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