Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls

Blu-ray Disc - 2012
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Times Square is all a bustle with petty crooks, lazy cops, and especially, gamblers. Gamblers are everywhere, but Nathan Detroit--who maintains the "Oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York"--Is short the $1000 he needs to secure a site for a fleet of big players coming into town. Nathan's other problem is his burlesque showgirl fiancée, Miss Adelaide. Her fourteen-year long engagement and Nathan's failure to give up the gambling racket as he promised have given her a permanent, psychosomatic cold. When Sky Masterson, with a reputation as a fast and loose bettor, arrives in New York Nathan devises a plan. Nathan bets Sky that Sky won't be able to convince Sergeant Sarah Brown, local Salvation Army Sergeant and goody two shoes extraordinaire, to go to Havana for dinner. Sky only has 24 hours to succeed or sacrifice the cash. What he doesn't count on is losing his heart as well. Thus, the die is cast, the fates engaged, as songs, dance, and old-fashioned gambling good fun ensue.


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💸 I see ManlyMachinist and his various sock puppets have the majority of comments here. They are not even close enough to be wrong on this musical. If anybody, it's Sinatra who was miscast, as Nathan Detroit, who was a rumpled, indeed disheveled Jew in the stage production. Sinatra comes off as an Italian smoothie, who sings perfunctorily, without acting. The rest of the cast does well, even Brando, who dances credibly, and sings better than you can.
But I'm thunderstruck at the yahoo below who says Brando's screen persona was a bully. He's seen Brando as Stanley Kowalski, and nothing else. Was Brando a bully when he played Marc Antony or Fletcher Christian? What about his sensitive portrayal of Major Gruver in "Sayonara" or the compassionate Sheriff Calder in "The Chase?" I'm surprised I have to explain this stuff.

JCLHeatherM Sep 21, 2020

Two love stories intertwine around a big gambling match, with love being the ultimate gamble of them all. Based on the classic short stories by Damon Runyon.

Sep 02, 2020

I'm someone who can usually appreciate watching a vintage, Hollywood musical every once in a while.

But, with that in mind - Had actor, Marlon Brando (aka. "Mumbles") not been a member of the cast of "Guys & Dolls", then, I probably would've enjoyed viewing this decidedly fluffy picture a helluva lot more than I inevitably did. It's true.

I mean - Let's face it - If there was one genre of film that that overrated actor, Brando was definitely not suited for, that genre would have to be musicals (especially big-budget productions) - 'Cause Brando was absolutely atrocious in "Guys & Dolls".

Aug 29, 2020

You know, I really did try to cut this big budget ($5.5 million) Musical/Romance (from 1955) some serious slack. But, the fact that "Guys & Dolls" (unfortunately) starred the likes of Marlon Brando (one of my least favorite actors of his generation) made it impossible for me to get any real enjoyment out of watching it.

Anyway - (Despite Brando's unwelcome presence) - Yes. This production did have some fairly entertaining moments sprinkled throughout its decidedly over-long (150-minute) running time.

Apr 15, 2019

I liked this Fiction Musical Comedy. It is okay for kids as long as you tell kids drinking liquor and gambling is not a good life style. Gambler Nathan Detroit (Frank Sinatra) has few options for the location of his big craps game. Needing $1,000 to pay a garage owner to host the game, Nathan bets Sky Masterson (Marlon Brando) that Sky cannot get virtuous Sarah Brown (Jean Simmons) out on a date. Despite some resistance, Sky negotiates a date with her in exchange for bringing people into her mission. Meanwhile, Nathan's longtime fiancée, Adelaide (Vivian Blaine), wants him to go legit and marry her.

Jul 18, 2018

"Guys and Dolls" is a really absurd Musical from the 1950's. And what makes it the most absurd of all is the total miscasting of Marlon Brando, the big toughie, in a simpering romantic role where he actually even gets up and dances around.

And, believe me - Brando is so out of his element in this overlong production that his character actually encourages the viewer to laugh out loud at how preposterous he really looks here.

Yes. Brando aside - There are a couple of very nicely choreographed musical numbers in "Guys and Dolls" - But, when it comes to 1950's Musicals, I'd say that there are definitely some others out there that are much more entertaining to watch than this - such as - "Singing In The Rain".

Jun 28, 2018

1955's "Guys and Dolls" was a big-budget musical production that cost MGM Studios $5.5 million.

Yes. It was bright and flashy. Yes. It was busy and bushy-tailed. And, yes - It was also a hopelessly boring Rom/Com that ended (after 2.5 hours) on one of the most cringe-worthy bum-notes imaginable.

And, speaking about actor, Marlon Brando (aka. "Mumbles") - I cannot figure out, for the life of me, why he would agree to star in this fluffy foolishness.

Not only did he come across looking like an utter jackass, singing and dancing - But he was far from being at all convincing as a sweethearted lover-boy in the heat of romance.

I mean - Let's face it - Brando was born a bully (of both men and women) and that's the only type of character he's at all suited for playing.

Anyway - This film has an interesting behind-the-scenes story involving the strained working relationship, on the set, between Brando (it figures) and Frank Sinatra. (For further juicy details - Check it out on Wikipedia)

LiztheLibrarian Jan 25, 2018

This is one of my favorite musicals, but I don't think the movie really lived up to its potential, but worth a watch just for the music.

Dec 08, 2016

This is one of my all-time favorite musicals, so I have always loved this movie. The songs are fun and catchy, so much so, that I often have one or two of them playing in my head. If you love old musicals, like Frank Sinatra, and want to see Marlon Brando croon a love song, check this movie out!

Jan 28, 2016

GREAT 1955 musical - possibly the best I have ever seen. I'm really enjoying seeing 40's and 50's musicals, I was too young to be attracted to when they were originally released - thanks KCLS!

Great production, choreography, acting, etc. - and (according to Wikipedia) Marlon Brando actually sang his songs live - no lip syncing overdubs, etc.

Vivian Blaine was new to me and I have more of her performances on my For Later shelf.

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Mar 18, 2012

A gentleman-gambler falls in love with a missionary, while a floating crap-game operator avoids marriage to his long-time fiancee
Marlon Brando, Jeans Simmons, Frank Sinatra, Vivian Blaine, Robert Keith, Stubby Kaye, B.S. Pulley, Johnny Silver, The Goldwyn Girls.


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