The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

DVD - 2020
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Feb 14, 2021

Cinematography and visual effects are good, but the whole story is too fabricated. Also, I felt that the leading actress's look and acting (special or strange ?) were not so suitable for this film.

Jan 18, 2021

Excellent thriller. Elizabeth Moss does paranoid so well. Title could just as well been called the Invisible Creep. Possessive super rich guys who have access to extreme high tech are bad news.

MomoT Jan 10, 2021

Really tightly written and suspenseful drama that is a little bit sci-fi, a little bit horror (depending on your sensitivity to gore). The tension never really lets up and Moss is great in the leading role as the victim of domestic abuse who struggles to escape from her controlling tech-bro partner. A really good, tension-filled watch.

I watched this movie in theathers its a very scarry movie it is about a guy Adrian who is a bad guy my friends name is Adreain hes polish he works at he mall at west 49 i thought this movie would be vey good to watch.

Jan 04, 2021

Four stars, a high rating for a movie that straddles sci-fi and terror. Not: not "horror," (and that's a very important distinction.). Two reasons for the rating:

First-rate scripting, updating in a marvellous way, HG Well's classic story, offering much more dimension and opportunities for human drama. It's a long long way from the "gee whiz, the guy's invisible" of the novel and Universal's classic 1933 movie version.

Certainly the best movie role of Elisabeth Moss's career so far, and she makes the most of it. Extremely believable (and in the movie, NOBODY believes her!)

The story of this movie's release is interesting: been booted around since 2006 or so. Finally got it together under Australian writer/director/producer Leigh Whannell (If you loved the horror flick "Saw", thank Whannell--it was one he wrote.) The movie was released into theatres about a month before Covid ended movie going. Just four weeks--the $7 million production had earned $140 million plus.

So, yes. There will be a sequel. And Whannell's got it covered, and Moss likely will be back...

Dec 31, 2020

Sorry this was to long,boring not believable.Elizabeth Moss is much better in Hand Maids Tale.No stars waste of time.

Dec 20, 2020

The plot is good and unique actually, a complicated situation imposed to a victim by her narcissist OCD psychopath husband. But somehow the pace is slow and the acting isn’t convincing enough.

Dec 17, 2020

For most of this film I was not convinced about the story line. I didn't believe most of what was happening. The acting is good, but the scrip isn't the greatest. I started liking the film when there was about 30 minutes left. I couldn't tell how it was going to end, but it was too little, too late for me. All in all, this is a weird movie.

Dec 10, 2020

There's a fair amount to like here. It's okay. There are two or three segments that pretty much evaporate my suspension of disbelief. A really good example of this has to do with the invisible man having paint dumped on him. The viewer sees the paint wash over the guy's head and shoulders and much of the top of his torso. Another character follows the trail of paint down a hallway and the trail trickles to an end within like 8 feet. There are no footprints. The paint is just gone. Then, the character hears a kitchen sink turned on, makes their way to the sink within like 30 seconds, and finds about half as much paint in the sink as had been seen on the invisible man; throughout all this and after it, the invisible man was never seen covered in paint. Moments like this really bring the film down. Dude walking around with paint splashed on him would have left all kinds of footprints and would have been incredibly visible.

Dec 08, 2020

Pros: really good suspense in the beginning, some really surprising moments, and skillful acting from Elizabeth Moss.
Cons: The suspense of "where could he be?" gets a little old about halfway through but continues to be a prominent feature of the film. The bad guy's motivations are really weak, I didn't find it convincing at all. About 2/3 of the way through I realized that we were just expected to accept that the bad guy is evil because, well, he just is I guess. And there were some glaring logical gaps (as can often be the case with horror/suspense) that I really had to work hard to ignore. Didn't really feel the ending because of the aforementioned cons.

Nov 08, 2020

Invisible Man - I liked this movie. Scary, edge of my seat.

Oct 30, 2020

Both the strengths and the weaknesses of Blumhouse's Invisible Man are demonstrated in the opening scene.  A woman attempts to sneak out of a house without alerting a sleeping man.  Without a word of dialogue, the filmmakers let us know that these two have been living on intimate terms for some time, that they are very wealthy, that he is some sort of scientific genius, and that she is terrified of him.  Most of the audience can no doubt imagine the nature of their relationship, and many will begin to form ideas about the details of that relationship.  The movie will never supply those details.  The short-term result is a gripping, suspenseful scene that shows us everything we need to know without spoon-feeding us, but the longer term consequence is that the villain remains a cipher for the entire movie.  Likewise, the protagonist is resourceful, continually finding clever ways of countering her enemy's advantages, but she is up against a foe who seemingly can do whatever the script needs him to do at any moment, who in addition to being invisible is also as silent as a ninja, super-strong, a martial arts master, and a psychological manipulator on par with Hannibal Lecter.  Ultimately, it resembles nothing so much as the first season of Jessica Jones, but with a smarter protagonist and a much less interesting villain and supporting cast, still, for anyone who might be at all interested in an invisible man movie, it is entertaining enough.

Good version/adaptation of the Invisible Man idea. Wish they had called it by a different title because then the first part of the movie could have had a very twisty premise where you’d initially think she might be being haunted.

Sep 08, 2020

The beginning is very slow and boring, but the last half is when all the action occurs.

Sep 04, 2020

At least with a normal control freak/abuser, you can usually see the punches coming but an invisible bully adds another dimension of fear and defenselessness.
The movie follows a frustrating formula of a protagonist initially suffering a long series of hurts before eventually fighting back.

Aug 21, 2020

An intriguing terror movie, with multiple twists in the plot.

Aug 17, 2020

A poorly-executed story, with implausible casting. Elizabeth Moss lacks credibility as the lead player.

Catch it in re-runs on the Hallmark channel. About two hours long, with most of that time spent waiting for something non-obvious to happen. Director was aiming for edgy but only delivered "angsty."

I loved this movie with its ghost story premise and the fantastic visual effects. It is a very memorable story with one of those endings that makes you want to immediately rewatch to see what you "missed" the first time through. Highly recommend.

Aug 04, 2020

Really liked it. A bit long at times but keeps you gripped to see how it ends.

Jul 29, 2020

this is a WOKE movie . the evil male must be vanquished by the woman who learns her true strenght inside herself . she starts off by being the most timid scared mouse ever played on the screen . but that won't last will it ? rah rah for ladies everywhere !

Jul 20, 2020

From the opening scene, I was caught up in the more than suspenseful storyline. This is a very original film full of exciting moments and the amazing acting from Elisabeth Moss. Wow-suspense at its very best!

Jul 07, 2020

One of the most suspenseful movies I have seen in awhile! I loved it.

Apr 02, 2020

Very entertaining, great suspense! Cast is terrific. Well worth seeing! Not really a remake if you've seen the classic Invisible Man!

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