Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

One Last Thing

DVD - 2011
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Jul 21, 2015


Apr 22, 2013

Very brief history of Jobs's success.

aaa5756 Apr 06, 2013

Very well done and interesting documentary movie. A pleasure to watch. I would recommend this movie for all to see. No fast forwarding no falling asleep on this one. A++ DVD

Feb 11, 2013

Captivating interview at a time when things were uncertain in his development. A glimpse of his insight into the future. The essence of success. The start of an amazing emergence of a company on the brink of bankruptcy to the largest American corporation of our time. 18 years later his vision is still not outdated.

Nov 14, 2012

Through interviews with those who worked closely with Steve Jobs, this documentary lets you gain unique insight into what made him tick as well as his way of life that offers advice to you on changing your own life to achieve your ambition, desire and dream.
It's a really interesting and fascinating film.

Jul 09, 2012

steve jobs has made the entire human race stupid. turned them into a race of pod people who dont know things-they look up things. they dont dare have a point of view until they look up what the crowd is bleeting. all the better to herd the sheep.

Jun 21, 2012

Not a bad watch, but feels very brief

May 23, 2012

I really liked this documentary. It was obvious that many of the people interviewed in it knew and loved Steve Jobs, but were able to offer an unbiased assessment of the man, his quirks, foibles and passion.

kevfarley May 16, 2012

The film is more about talking-face testimonials about the man's character,.. but offers not much insight about the 'what,' the 'why', or the 'how' concerning Steve Job's important and revolutionary achievements.
It seems to be assumed that the viewer already knows all about the tech stuff, and that the mentioning of product names is enough to explain all.

Mar 11, 2012

The documentary, like the book, gives a brilliant view of Steve Jobs.

aaa5756 Jan 09, 2012

A++ for Steve Jobs!!!!!

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